Penn State Pledge Program

Every year, we encourage student orgs on campus to get their members involved in entrepreneurship by taking part in 1000 Pitches. As an incentive for members participating in 1000 Pitches, we have a Program in which an organization pledges a certain number of pitches from its members, and if the pledged number of pitches are submitted by the end of the competition, Innoblue will make a donation to THON on your behalf. The rewards and benefits of the Program are summarized below:
* Monetary reward for organizations who reach their pledged number of pitches
- Gold: 200 Pitches - $1.50 each
- Silver: 100 Pitches - $1.00 each
- Bronze: 50 Pitches - $.50 each
*+$.50/pitch the cash if you reach your pledge by October 12th
*+$1.00/pitch the cash if you reach your pledge by October 1st

If you're interested in participating in this awesome event, contact [email protected] and you will be added to the THON Program. You will also be contacted again to regarding the details of the competition. Feel free to email us back if you have any questions or want to meet with us.